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About Kris

My artistic journey began at the tender age of four, when I would spend hours doodling and sketching. Fueling my passion, my parents enrolled me in a specialized school at the age of seven, kickstarting my artistic development. As I progressed through grade school, I immersed myself in various art forms, constantly expanding my skills and exploring new avenues for expression.

After high school, I pursued my dreams at university, where I delved into the world of interior design. The study of spaces and aesthetics fascinated me, and I eagerly absorbed everything I could. To further enrich my artistic repertoire, I worked with a construction company, lending my design expertise to create captivating environments.

However, my thirst for innovation and a desire to think outside the box led me to a new frontier: the architecture of trade show displays. Specializing in this unique field allowed me to combine my love for design with a flair for captivating presentations. Over the years, I’ve delved into diverse areas of art and design, encompassing interior design, exhibition architecture, trade shows, graphic design, and more.

This eclectic blend of experiences gave birth to KREATIVE KRIS, my very own event-planning venture. With my wide-ranging expertise and boundless creativity, I bring a fresh perspective to event planning, ensuring each occasion is a truly unforgettable experience.